What we do

We specialise in sustainable digital traffic acquisition and monetisation of that audience. Our core activities are natural search (SEO), social media, usability, Multiple Variant Testing, Click Through Rates and Conversion Rates, all of which are measured and monitored through digital analytics.

What makes us different

We are acknowledged to be amongst the best in the business and have achieved success by passing on our knowledge and skills in a focused and organised way. We train staff on what they need to do to effect the desired change, be it technical developer or journalist. We demystify the terminology around digital marketing and translate this into practical solutions that the individuals can then apply. With this approach we deliver sustainable improvements, with the staff owning the delivery. Some examples where we have done this are: The Telegraph – Grew online traffic from 7m Global Unique Users per month to 61m Global UU/mth, initially growing at a rate of 800K/mth, whilst halving marketing spend. Toronto Star – Grew online traffic from 8m Global UU/mth to 10m Global UU/mth in one month. The Telegraph – Increased yield per UU by 25% in 6 months by improving the efficiency in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR) of the ad units.

How we do it

We work closely with our clients to understand their core digital objectives, after which our normal approach has been an offsite review followed by onsite implementation and training.

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